Compassion Gorilla brings a unique concoction of worldbeat, latin folk, dub and psychedelic music. The band enwraps audiences in a spell of dance, magic and melody with racy horn lines, brazen guitar harmonies, driving hand-percussion rhythms, thick basslines, and full-bodied vocal harmonies.

Always searching diverse audiences, Compassion Gorilla has played wide-ranging venues like elementary school fairs, city squares, pubs, nightclubs, gulf island halls, summer festivals, coffee houses, house parties, rallies, and marathon sidelines.

The Band

Daniel Cryderman- trombone, vocals

Ian Daykin – violin, vocals

Kate Kennedy – washboard, percussion

Chris Fretwell– charango, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals

Julie Gennai– vocals

Felipe Lobo– cajón, pandeiro

Adam Reese – electric bass, vocals

Shelder Jayne Footz– trumpet, vocals

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Header Photo Credit : Aubrey Burke